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About Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation

Victory Electronic Cigarettes wants to provide a cleaner and healthier alternative to cigarettes for all. Victory… for Life is what motivates us – and our promise is not to rest until we enable every one of the more than 500 million smokers around the world looking to stop smoking, the opportunity to enjoy Victory.

vic·to·ry /ˈvikt(ə)rē/ Noun: achievement of success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties. Winning or having triumphed over a foe or obstacle, victorious over your enemy, defeating your nemesis

Victory means a lot of things to a lot of different people. For those inside our Company, Victory means:

1. Helping and empowering smokers and encouraging them on their journey to either stop smoking or to being able to smoke anytime, anyplace.

2. Building one of Consumer’s favorite brands, differentiated via an empowering image, superior real tobacco taste, and one on one connectivity and relationships with each of our loyal Victory users.

3. Operating as an industry leader and setting a standard as a Company of superior integrity with operating principles and practices above reproach.

4. Providing superior value for our retailer partners bringing them the highest landed margins, innovative programs to drive throughput at the retail shelf, and superior customer service and flexibility.

5. Providing superior return for the shareowners of the Company, ensuring every penny is invested wisely to generate increasingly greater returns. Victory endeavors to win with consumers, and if we provide them the best possible product … delivered at the best possible value… with the best possible support and service – well we figure everything else will take care of its self.


Victory Electronic Cigarettes began in late 2010, initially as an online company. The Company built one of the leading presences in Electronic Cigarettes on the Internet. In 2013 the Company launched its first expansion to retail and has met with unprecedented success and consumer response.

Major Milestones

Established Victory Electronic Cigarettes, LLC Florida by co-founders Paul Simon & Marc Hardgrove

Launched first products online, developed customer service and support team for consumers

Selected exclusively by Groupon for national promotions, gained some of the highest national awareness in industry

Launched unique subscriber program for online consumers quickly building to near 10,000 subscribers

Ranked number one in “real tobacco taste” amongst major electronic cigarette brands tested 2013 Launched first products at retail, disposables in regular and menthol

Began first international expansion with distribution partner in Colombia

Launched Victory King Soft Tips, and multiple new refill flavors including coffee and chocolate

Became a new public corporation: ECIG

Online, the Company has built to over 100,000 consumers in its database of subscribers, and at Retail, Victory now ranks as one of the top two brands in every outlet where it is distributed outselling many other competitive brands. Although retail distribution has just started, Victory is already sold in thousands of independent retailers and some of the top regional grocery and convenience store operators in the United States including HEB, Food City, Mapco, Chevron, Texaco, Valero, Mobil, and others.

To support and accelerate Victory’s retail expansion efforts, the Company has partnered with Daymon Worldwide. Daymon helps retailer and supplier partners drive profitable growth through customized retail brand building and sourcing solutions. Daymon Worldwide’s global footprints spans over 200 offices in 49 countries on six continents and is the 2nd largest broker/distributor in the US with more than 22,000 associates.

Victory also works with some of the leading regional distributors in the United States to bring superior service to select regional customers to compliment a dedicated internal Sales and Account Management organization.