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Victory’s Board of Directors primary role is to oversee how the Chief Executive Officer and management serves the interests of shareowners and other stakeholders. Victory is a very metric driven company intending to put every organizational and operational process in statistical control. This enables full transparency between Board and management, and allows the Board of Directors to have full visibility on all aspects of the Company.

With the transparency, and clear objectives for the Chief Executive and his management, the Board can exact severe consequences for not reaching agreed upon targets or building the culture and capabilities of the firm, and at the same time can provide the incentives for superior performance and building the firms culture and integrity above reproach ideal.

The Board of Directors reviews monthly performance and conducts 12 Board Meetings per year, one of which includes approving the 3-year strategic plan, and one of which includes approving the annual business plan, budget, and performance objectives for the CEO and senior management. The monthly routines it requires include a monthly performance review, a monthly financial review, and visibility on any key issues or opportunities in front of the firm.

The Board has emplaced stringent expense control and investment parameters on the Company, with a specific chart of authority for the Chief Executive and the Executive Management team. The Board has also established three committees to enable even greater insights and controls including Audit, Compensation, and Human Resource.

Supporting the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive is a Board of Advisors that all bring further independent guidance and unique support capabilities, insights and relationships to the Company. The relationships span retailer connections to facilitate distribution, international relationships to facilities growth outside the United States, strategic partner relationships, and others.